There are many reasons why people consider using cmd. In fact, the Reddit community as well as many other users of social media and forums are among those who prefer using it over other similar tools. It is because it gives you a quick answer to your questions which can help you in reaching your goal much faster. This document will show you the cmd commands you can use it effectively to gather information on windows os

Command Description
arp -a Displays current ARP entries by interrogating the current protocol data.
driverquery Displays a list of installed device drivers.
hostname Displays the name of the current host.
ipconfig /allcompartments /all Displays detailed information about all compartments.
ipconfig /displaydns Displays the contents of the DNS Resolver Cache.
nbtstat -A <IPADDRESS> Displays the remote machine’s name table given its IP address.
nbtstat -n Displays a list of all local NetBIOS names.
netsh wlan show drivers Displays properties of the wireless LAN drivers on the system.
netsh wlan show interfaces Displays a list of the wireless LAN interfaces on the system.
netsh wlan show profiles Displays a list of WI-FI profiles configured on the system.
netstat -ano Displays all open ports and active connections numerically, including the process IDs.
netstat -ano | findstr "LISTENING" Displays all LISTENING connections numerically, including the process IDs.
netstat -e Displays Ethernet statistics.
net start Displays a list of all running Windows services.
systeminfo Display operating system configuration information for a local or remote machine, including service pack levels.
sc query state=all Displays all installed services and drivers.
tasklist /m Displays all processes & DLLs.
tasklist /fi "MEMUSAGE gt 1024 Displays a list of all processes when memory usage is greater than 1024 Kilobytes.
ver Displays the current Windows version.
vol Displays the disk volume label and serial number, if they exist.
wmic logicaldisk get description,filesystem,name,size Displays all logical disks and their information.
wmic nteventlog get path,filename,writeable list enabled logs on the system.
wmic service list list all of the installed services and their configurations.
wmic useraccount get name Displays all users on the device.
wmic startup list full Displays a list of all programs that will be started on system startup.
wmic bios get serialnumber Displays BIOS serialnumber.
wmic product get name,version Displays a list of all products/softwares installed on the device that is recognized by Windows
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